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Wildlife Protection Crusade

Animals need OUR help

Saving nature is the absolute goal of the Wildlife Protection Crusade. Animals need OUR help. Constantly, beautiful animals from the wild are going extinct due to human actions. Bangkok is the main hub of illegal animal trading and the Chatuchak Weekend Market in particular, is the epicenter. It has been the number one priority for this crusade to solve this problem and save the marvelous array of animals and stop illegal exotic animal trading.

With your help, thousand of animals can be saved.

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What is Illegal Wildlife Trade?

Nearly 6,000 animal species are protected by national and international laws, due to their population being vulnerable to go extinct. Illegal Trade is when people kill or take animals out from the wild. 
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wildlife Fauna and Flora, also known as CITES, strives to ensure that the international animal trading happening is legal. 
However, even under national and international laws like CITES, rules are still broken and illegal animal trade is still constantly happening, due to its high rewards. 
When people buy an animal product that came from species that were illegally killed or harvested, they’re complicit in perpetuating wildlife crime, knowingly or unknowingly.

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Why is the demand so high?

Animals like Elephants and Rhinos are known for being endangered due to the high demand and rewards of elephant ivory and rhino horns. For a very long time, these items have been used for many purposes in many places such as religious icons, medicines and to indicate creativity through intricate carvings. More recently, they have been used for fashion designs and luxurious intricacy and gift-giving in certain places. 

Global illegal wildlife trading is considered to be one of the most profitable criminal operations, and according to the United Nations, they estimate that this type of trade is worth between 7 to 23 billion dollars a year, luring more and more people to join this criminal operation.

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How can you help?

Don't put blood on your hands

  • Understanding more about the status of wildlife and wildlife products.

  • Supporting governments and local organizations bring down the illegal trade in wildlife

  • Helping to report illegal exotic wildlife markets to the police. 

  • Not buying products from wildlife protected by laws.


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Central Bangna

20+ posters were placed down for people to pass by and be informed.

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